• High heat resistance
  • It can be used at various temperatures and has great resistance to wear.
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • VIXUM has good thermal insulation properties with a low heat conductivity of 0.032W/m*K.
VIXUM 의 건축
The importance of insulation is greater than ever as regulations controlling energy efficiency in buildings have become stricter.
With superb insulation capability, VIXUM responsible for better energy efficiency in buildings.
Currently, buildings have various finishing materials and high ceilings thatcreate a large sound reflecting area. Also, used by many people at the same time cause big noise.
Likewise, with superb sound absorption and insulationcapabilities, VIXUM is diversely employed in such as general construction, industrial facilities, ceilings, walls and so on.

Examples of construction applications

    • Indoor swimming pool

      Application in Swimming Pools : ceilings, walls, etc.

      Swimming pools contain large amounts of water and have a wide floor-to-floor space, creating a large sound reflecting area. Also, used by many people at the same time, the structure housing a swimming pool must be very flame resistant as well.
      VIXUM, used in walls and ceilings, absorbs noise generated by water and people, and reflecting off the wide floor space. Its semi-nonflammable property makes it suitable as a finish for buildings that house many people at the same time.

    • Stadium

      Application in Stadiums : ceilings, walls, etc.

      Stadiums hold a great number of people at the same time. Effective reduction of interior and exterior noise can create a pleasant atmosphere for viewing sports games. Used as an insulating material for the stadium roof, VIXUM is not only an excellent insulation but also has a dew-proofing effect.

    • Department stores and food court

      Application in Department Stores : ceilings

      Commercial buildings have all kinds of noises generated by many people in a large space. With VIXUM, such noises can be absorbed and a pleasant atmosphere can be provided. Department stores must also be flame resistant. VIXUM, as a semi-nonflammable material, not only ensures fire safety but also high insulation and sound absorption.

    • Art gallery

      Application in Art Galleries : ceilings and walls

      At art galleries, nothing is more important than providing a quiet environment where the exhibits can be appreciated in peace. With many visitors, they also must be flame resistant. Thus, the application of VIXUM on walls and ceilings satisfies both the fire safety and superior sound absorption requirements in a building where noise is absolutely unacceptable. Another advantage of VIXUM is that it can be cut and finished into various shapes. It is highly praised as an interior finishing material with a decorative effect.

  • Other Applications : studios, auditoriums, movie theaters, etc.

Examples of application in industrial facilities

    • Application in Semiconductor and Electronics Laboratories

      Applications : ceilings, walls, and floors

      Electronics laboratories require more air-tight and sophisticated sound absorption than any other spaces, and flame resistance is very important as well. With its ability to provide both sound absorption and flame resistance, VIXUM has been successfully applied in such spaces for many years.

    • Industrial Plants

      Applications : ducts, fans, piping and wiring

      Application in Industrial Plants: ducts, fans, piping and wiring Conventional sound absorbing materials lose their capacity when affected by drifting caused by high air speed and pressure inside ducts or fans. VIXUM, however, maintains its high sound absorption capacity without being deformed. It effectively blocks noise generated by the flow of gases or liquids inside ducts.

    • Factory Control Rooms

      Applications : ceilings and walls

      Machine sounds are effectively blocked to create a pleasant work environment in factory control rooms. With flame resistance being just as important, the application of VIXUM satisfies both purposes. VIXUM prevents machine vibrations from reaching the control room and effectively safeguards the expensive equipment in the space.

    • Car Test Room

      Applications : ceilings and walls

      Curved sound absorbing materials are applied to the ceilings and walls of automobile test rooms to absorb various noises generated during automobile tests. Due to dust and vibration caused by the tests, the absorption capacity of the materials gradually diminishes, so new materials are applied regularly. In automobile test rooms, VIXUM provides a high sound absorption capacity and is easily cut and finished into different shapes. Its superior low weight and easy application makes the job of replacing these materials smooth and fast.

  • Other Applications : impact test rooms, inside plants, digital laboratories, storage rooms, clean rooms, indoor drive facilities, sound-proofing in factories, noise and vibration research centers, etc.