• High heat resistance
  • It can be used at various temperatures and has great resistance to wear.
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • VIXUM has good thermal insulation properties with a low heat conductivity of 0.032W/m*K.
VIXUM 의 산업
VIXUM, with its high sound absorption capacity, can be used as sound absorption materials
and cold insulation materials for air conditioning equipment and noise barriers.
In the Heat resistant related industry, VIXUMcan be used as catalyst forhigh energy efficiency.

Examples of application for energy efficiency

    • Chemical Plants

      Application : tanks and pipes

      LNG in a tank causes sloshing. LNG impacts on the interior walls of the tank, posing a risk of damage to the tank. VIXUM is suitable as thermal insulation inside a tank that stores LNG at -162℃, because it maintains its thermal insulating capacity without deformation even at temperatures below -200℃.

    • Solar Heat Collectors

      Application : low heat conductivity, non-flammable

      Application in Solar Heat Collectors: low heat conductivity, non-flammable The insulating material in solar heat collectors must store heat for an extended period of time. VIXUM, with its Open Cell structure, can be applied to the back of a solar heat collector and is very effective in storing accumulated solar energy. Also, it maintains its insulating capacity without deformation even when exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time.

    • Pipes

      Application : heat and flame resistance

      VIXUM can be used to wrap pipes that carry high temperature liquids to enable such liquids to be transported without losing heat. Its Open Cell structure resists the loss of heat when applied to the pipes and maintains its insulating capacity at high temperatures without deformation.

    • Noise Barriers

      Application : noise barriers on the sides of roads and railroads

      Noise barriers installed along roads and railroads block and absorb noise generated by cars and trains. VIXUM, with its high sound absorption capacity, can be applied to noise barriers to ensure noise absorption. As fire safety standards for noise barriers are becoming stricter, the replacement of the old materials with VIXUM, a semi-nonflammable material, will help increase fire safety and comply with the fire safety standards.

    • Silencers

      Application : silencers and air conditioning equipment

      The application of sound absorbing materials inside industrial silencers and air conditioning equipment prevents the machine noise from being transmitted outside. The use of VIXUM, with its high sound absorption capacity, effectively enables this noise reduction. Also, unlike other materials that lose their sound insulation capacity due to deformation and drifting caused by weathering, VIXUM, with its excellent durability, maintains its sound absorption capacity without being deformed.