• Unrivalled low weight
  • Unprecedented low weight with a density of about 10kg/m3
  • Outstanding sound absorption
  • Has a three dimensional reticular and Open Cell structure.
VIXUM 의 운송
VIXUM to the various parts of carscan make much greater sound absorptioncapabilityand weight reduction capability than conventional materials.
With superb insulation capability, Vixum can be used not only as sound absorbingmaterials but also as insulating materials.
  • Examples of application for vehicle NVH (noise, vibration and harshness)
    • Train

      Airplane : ceilings, walls, floors, and control rooms

      Strengths : noise reduction, easy maintenance, easily processed and installed

      Blocks outside noise at high speed and prevents howling, creating a pleasant atmosphere inside the train. The great insulating power of VIXUM keeps heating and cooling costs low and its semi-nonflammable property prevents the spread of fire. Its weight being less than half of other conventional materials, VIXUM has the advantage of reducing the weight of the train as a whole.

    • Airplane

      Application : ceilings, walls, floors, and cargo compartments

      Strengths : noise reduction, airplane weight reduction, adherence to fire safety standards

      Compared to other transportation methods, it is crucial for aircrafts to absorb tremendous noise during flight to create a pleasant inflight atmosphere and to reduce their weight by using light materials. The application of VIXUM, which boasts a high sound absorption capacity at less than half the weight of other sound absorbing materials, is sure to satisfy both the sound absorption and weight reduction requirements of airplanes. Also, its semi-nonflammable property prevents the spread of fire.